The process for website design

  • Initial consultation

    Before your project starts, we'll discuss your needs in person or by Skype. I'llask you to complete a questionnaire that will show me your taste and ideas.

  • Develop a mood board

    Based on our discussion and the information provided, I'll develop a style guide of colors, fonts and 2-3 logo ideas.

  • Brand board

    The brand board will include all versions of the final logo and guidelines for using it, as well as art direction for photography or illustration.

  • Social media styling

    The branding gets applied to profile and banner images for social media, blog and newsletter template.

  • Website in broadstrokes

    A first iteration of the website is developed with the organization of pages, and the style is formatted. This version may have placeholder images for style.

  • Final presentation

    A final version of the website is ready with actual photography, any widgets, or embedded app integrations. Basic SEO is done.

  • Launch of website

    With final payment, the website is connected to the domain URL and launched. Announcements go out on social media platforms and/or newsletters.

  • Tutorial

    I will teach you how to maintain and update your site on your own if you wish. This is good to know if you just want to add a bit of news or a new blogpost, or even just add a comma.

  • Technical support

    You will continue to receive technical support for 30 days at no additional charge. I won't abandon you!