Terms + Conditions


Here's how we can collaborate to create your message!

design starts after an inital deposit

If you've decide that you're ready to work with me a 33% deposit will secure your spot in my schedule. 33% of the balance is due at the start of the project, and the final balance is due when the project is complete. 


We both sign a contract agreeing to the scope of the project, the time frame, and the fee. This protects both of us and makes sure that we understand each other.


You will help design by creating a Pinterest board or mood board (help provided by me) featuring design styles, images, colors and website templates that appeal to you.

website template styling

I will create a few pages with sample content to express style. Based on your comments, a second iteration will be presented for approval. 

Logo design

You will receive 3 different examples to consider on the first round. Based on your comments one of these will be developed further and submitted. After one more round of tweaking, you will receive a final logo design in both horizontal and square formats , light and dark versions, with background and without background.  A suite of 6 logo items. 


A cover design and sample of single and double page spreads will be submitted for you to consider the styling in PDF format. The author/editor submits the a final draft of the text and any images to be used. When the images have been . placed, and text has been placed and styled, the full project will be submitted for final text edits and design tweaks.